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Yomin Postelnik (1977- ) is a columnist for the Canada Free Press with a conservative viewpoint who lives in Florida. Postelnik was born in Montreal, Canada in 1977 and was active in Conservative politics. He founded a company called "Insiders Review Publishing Works" (IRPW) a business development, marketing and non-profit consultation service, and formerly published a conservative newspaper, titled Insiders Review [1]in the Greater Toronto area between 2000-2001.

After Postelnik wrote an article in the Canada Free Press titled "Logical Proof of the Existence of a Divine Creator, Why Atheism is Not Logically Sound," [2] he was faced with a backlash from an atheist group. [3]

Since 2005 Postelnik has run Myth Debunker blogs dedicated to challenging leftist myths and misconceptions. He has written on conservative philosophy and has proposed solutions to current political and social issues.

Postelnik received a Rabbinic degree in 2000 from the Rabbinical College of Canada. He has written on the Arab-Israeli conflict, stressing that dialogue and good will must be fostered and should be the focus of concentrated efforts as opposed to land deals, which he views as temporary fixes to a larger problem.

He is also a consultant for dozens of non-profit organizations throughout the United States and is the board member of the United Autism Foundation in charge of development[4].

Most recently he was involved in an in depth debate on creationism, taking place in May 2008. Postelnik brought several arguments in favor of creationism and the existence of a Divine Creator, while posing several challenges to Darwinian theory. The transcript, available at Myth Debunker, shows that Postelnik was effective in refuting all points raised by those who advocated evolutionism.

Postelnik's work has been featured in History News Network and his writings in Canada Free Press has been extensive.[5]

He is also the publisher of Business Growth Trends[6] and his advice on obtaining business loans has been cited in articles on the topic[7].





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